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Carol Irons on Moccasin Tracks August 4, 2014
August 07, 2014 11:31 AM PDT
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From the WJSC FM Johnson air studio this is the unedited interview with Carol Irons, an Abenaki and Penobscot who gives us an indigenous perspective on Industrial Wind in Vermont.

Podcast of Clan Of The Hawk interview with Moccasin Tracks July 28, 2014
July 30, 2014 11:26 AM PDT
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Music Credit: Waban Drums And Singers, Clan Of The Hawk of the Western Abenaki.

Native gathering with Clan Of The Hawk, Tribal Grounds Rt. 58, Evansville, Vermont: August 2-3.
More info:
# 802-754-2817

Moccasin Tracks talks with Chief Spirit Water and Randy Smith of Clan of The Hawk from the airstudio at WJSC FM Johnson.

Chief Spirit Water tells us about the Brunswick, Vermont Springs and shares legends and stories.

Moccasin Tracks is broadcast on WRUV FM Burlington Tuesdays at 90.1FM and where the program is archives for one week.

Moccasin Tracks is broadcast at WJSC FM Johnson Mondays thru the summer 2014 at 10AM-2PM with the Wildside and Ruth Wilder. At 90.7FM and on the internet.

Bear Clan Pow Wow, July 20, 2014
July 23, 2014 04:29 PM PDT
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Music Credits: Salif Keita, M'Bembe; Ed Kabotie, Clouds; Azban Drum; First Light Drum; Indigie Femme, Journey Song and Fire Sparkles from the fire at St Albans Bay Park

Moccasin Tracks from the WRUV, July 22 broadcast featuring audio from the Bear Clan Pow Wow at St Albans Bay Park. We hear Grandfather Phil introducing the days activities and talking to Moccasin Tracks. We recorded on location at the park. Short interview with Crystal and Victoria of the Azban Drum, George Larabee speaks about Abenaki language, Phyliss Larabee reads her poetry, and drumming includes intergenerational and intertribal.

Thanks to the the Drum groups, Grandfather Phil and friends that make this event happen every year and allow Moccasin Tracks to record for community radio broadcast.

Summer 2014
Moccasin Tracks broadcasts on WJSC Johnson, Mondays from 10AM-2PM with The Wildside and Ruth Wilder at 90.7FM and online
Tuesdays at WRUV Burlington noon-3PM at 90.1FM and online at

Water As Teacher: The 4th Annual Water Is Life Walk: Cheyenne River, Carol Bubar- Blodgett
July 11, 2014 07:47 AM PDT
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Music Credits: Dorene Day, Water Song (Anishinabee), Don't Worry Be Hopi, Ed Kabotie Live recorded by KUYI, Water Healing song, Spirit Of Thunderheart, Rising CD (Spirit Wind Records), Rushingwind And Mucklow, Ancient Elements

We talk to Carole Blodgett, Elder, organizer, Prayer Warrior about this Sacred Water Walk beginning July 26 from the headwaters of the Cheyenne River. She speaks to her Indigenous Woman's Role , spiritual preparations and the protocols for the 2014 Water Is Life Walk.

This broadcast was July 10, 2014 from the air studio at WGDR Plainfield.
Moccasin Tracks will be back to WGDR, September 4, 2014

Mondays at WJSC FM Johnson at 90.7FM from 10AM-2PM with the Wildside and Ruth Wilder (host)
Tuesdays at WRUV FM Burlington 90.1FM and for the stream and program archive for the week!!!!
check out our listing on

picture of Carole is from the 2013 Water Is Life Walk!!!

Water Is Life: An Indigenous Perspective with Carole Blodgett on Moccasin Tracks, dec 12-2013.mp3
December 14, 2013 08:55 AM PST
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Music Credit
Doreen Day, The Water Song

Moccasin Tracks spoke to Carole Blodgett Dec 12, broadcasting from the studio at WGDR;Goddard College Community Radio in Plainfield Vermont, we talked to Carole by phone in Connecticut. Our conversation about the Sacred Water Walks she has taken and the teachings and indigenous perspective that compels Carole to be planning yet another Sacred River Walk. As she has written here about her work we again are gifted with her words describing how Water is related to all the struggles happening on Mother Earth now. She encourages us to view ceremony as something we all are empowered to do and start with these simple acts of generosity and gratitude. Carole is of Penobscot descendant and we are honored to talk with her again.

Moccasin Tracks is heard on WGDR every Thursday, 2-4PM and 91.1FM WGDR and 91.7FM WGDH, Goddard College Community Radio

Fridays thru Jan 2014 on and 90.1FM WRUV FM Burlington, University of Vermont, 12-3PM Fridays

Mondays, WJSC FM, Johnson State College Johnson, Vermont noon-4PM

A Conversation with Traditional Spiritual Elder, Racheal WhiteBear on Moccasin Tracks.mp3
October 12, 2013 07:32 AM PDT
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Moccasin Tracks, recorded from the Live Broadcast at Goddard College Community Radio on Oct 10, 2013 this conversation with Racheal Whitebear.

Racheal a Traditional Spiritual Elder offers her services on the website for the Missisquoi Abenaki people.

In her candid story she describes as a circle story is a lesson story as well. A hard time in her life restored a connection with her Abenaki Peoples
Racheal tells us she enjoys Naming Ceremonies and is kept busy with the work for her people. An honor to talk with Racheal she invites all people to contact her if you have a question.

Moccasin Tracks, Thursdays WGDR Plainfield 2-4PM
Fridays for Fall Semester, noon-2PM WRUV FM Burlington
Mondays, WJSC Johnson noon-4PM

A Conversation with Joe Bruchac on Moccasin Tracks October 10, 2013
October 12, 2013 06:33 AM PDT
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Ktsiaiak, by Joseph Bruchac
Flute Playing by Jesse Bruchac
Reading Directed by Karin Trachtenberg
Broadcast originally July 2010 on Goddard College Community Radio
Dawnland Singers, Elder Honor Song from Honor Songs CD

Live Broadcast from the campus of Goddard College, Moccasin Tracks on WGDR Plainfield and WGDH Hardwick (more at Talking from his home in Greenfield, NY author, poet, storyteller Joseph Bruchac joins us on Moccasin Tracks. Joseph Bruchac says on his facebook page (You can follow him he says!!) "
I was interviewed today by Deb Reger, a community radio host on WGDR, Goddard College Community Radio in Vermont. They had just rebroadcast a short play of mine called KTSIAIAK (which might be roughly translated as THE OLD ONES) that was staged in July of 2010. It focuses on what might happen if Gluskonba and Nokomis Agaskw, Grandmother Woodchuck came back.

Gluskonba is our culture hero who fought monsters in the ancient times and changed things to help make this earth better for humans. Grandmother Woodchuck advised Gluskonba when he was young and foolish and not yet aware of the right way to use his power.

In one part of the play they are confronted by a lawyer. Imagine the scene of one of those Ancient Ones being asked by a lawyer to prove who they are.

Gluskonba does not have a United States birth certificate. He shaped himself from the earth. Then again, maybe he was born in Kenya, eh?

I was thinking of how the Abenakis of Vermont were asked for decades to provide proof that they were really American Indians. Including during the fish-in trials more than two decades ago when the Vermont Abenakis won their case but then the state of Vermont tied things up in appeals for the rest of the 20th century. (At that trial I testified on behalf of our Vermont Indian community as a storyteller.) I was also thinking about the issues of repatriation of the remains of our ancestors--many of which have yet to be returned to the earth after being dug up by archaeologists and bone collectors to be studied, exhibited--or used as ash trays as was supposedly done with the skull of the Florida Seminole leader Osceola.

It’s better now. Several of our Native communities now have state recognition as tribal entities. And they are trying, as I told Deb Reger, to both maintain and strengthen their own communities at the same time as they reach out to majority culture to help them understand our people. It’s still a delicate balance.

I’m not a politician. (Another reason for me to give thanks each day.) But I am a storyteller. And I know that the stories hold more wisdom than I do. I trust them, carry them and am carried by them. So this weekend Jesse and I will be sharing some of those stories—in both English and the Western Abenaki language—that we’ve been privileged to learn. That we are still learning.

So, as we pass through the hills and valleys, by the rivers and lakes, beneath the tall mountains where wisdom sits in high places, as we sit in the circle and listen to our friends, our eyes and ears will be open."
Joseph Bruchac

Moccasin Tracks airs weekly on Goddard College Community Radio
Thursdays 2-4PM
Fall Semester, 2013 we are on WRUV FM University of Vermont and Community Radio
Fridays noon-2PM
Mondays WJSC Johnson, noon-4PM

Moccasin Tracks April 18, 2013, A Conversation With Carole Bloggett, Water Is Life Walk July 8, 2013
April 19, 2013 05:23 AM PDT
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Music Credit

Water Song sung by Doreen Day
(Mississippi Water Walk, now happening)
find page on Facebook...

We talk to Carole Blogett who is planning a Sacred Water Walk this July.
She shares with us both her personal story and about this Sacred Walk inspired by Spirit and guided by her teachers rooted in The Red Road....she says of the walk.."the physical act of carrying the water is a connecting element of this prayer". Water Is Life, Androscoggin River Walk, July 8, 2013-July 22, 2013....Headwaters of the Androscoggin River at Umbagog Lake, NH to Merrymanmeeting Bay in Brunswick, Maine...

Contact Carole: 860 779-6321

Moccasin Tracks, a radio show, hosted by Deb Reger...This broadcast was live on Goddard College Community Radio, WGDR Plainfield 91.1FM and WGDH Hardwick 91.7FM , every Thursday at 2-4PM

Moccasin Tracks conversation with Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Andy Simon April 11, 2013
April 12, 2013 08:41 AM PDT
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Music Credits
Nahko and Medicine For The People, Budding Moon
R. Carlos Nakai, Will Chapman from Awakening The Fire CD, Convergence

Lubicon Cree Nation in Alberta Canada is witnessing a "Cultural Genocide"...
We talk to Melina Laboucan-Massimo from this community. Her work as a Geenpeace Energy and Climate Campaigner is bringing her to speak in Montpelier, Vermont April 16, 7PM at the Unitarian Church...also 350 Vermont organizer, Andy Simon joins us in the Tar Sands resistance conversation.

Moccasin Tracks with Deb Reger community radio broadcaster Live Thursdays 2-4PM
WGDR Plainfield, Goddard College Community Radio
91.1FM and 91.7FM WGDH Hardwick

Mondays, 1-3PM (sometimes broadcasting earlier with news)
WPCR Plymouth 91.7FM at Plymouth State University, NH
cohosts Deb Reger and Pete Newell

Fridays at noonish!!! Moccasin Tracks hosted at WJSC Johnson
Johnson State College at 90.7FM
we broadcast at the Stearns Student Center...Ground Floor..signs in windows!!!!

2013 Mississippi Water Walk, Sharon Day shares on Moccasin Tracks, April4, 2013
April 06, 2013 02:02 AM PDT
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Music Credits
Holly Near and Ronnie Gilbert, No Where To Run
Fats Domino, Walking To New Orleans
Doreen Day, The Water Song

This week, April4, 2013... Moccasin Tracks was honored to talk to the 2013 Mississippi Water Walkers,
Sharon Day, Beth, and Shana....

Thank-you Beth for sharing your heart and Shana for also sharing and walking!!!!

Posting on facebook, Sharon Day has been sharing her heart and thoughts as this spiritual journey takes these walkers the length of the river....the awareness of water and the responsibility we all have to protect and care for water and all life is the awareness created in this spiritual walk...

We start our conversation with The Water Song first played on the 2011 Water Walk and audio archive of Sharon speaking with us in 2011. The responsibility of Water is with The Women and we have much gratitude for these women and this prayerfull walk. This Spiritual Walk includes prayers for all life and everyone is welcome to participate. Follow the walk on facebook.

Moccasin Tracks with Deb Reger community radio broadcaster Live Thursdays 2-4PM
WGDR Plainfield, Goddard College Community Radio
91.1FM and 91.7FM WGDH Hardwick

Mondays, 1-3PM (sometimes broadcasting earlier with news)
WPCR Plymouth 91.7FM at Plymouth State University, NH
cohosts Deb Reger and Pete Newell

Fridays at noonish!!! Moccasin Tracks hosted at WJSC Johnson
Johnson State College at 90.7FM
we broadcast at the Stearns Student Center...Ground Floor..signs in windows!!!!

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